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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I am currently living in tn and saw something slightly bigger than a pin head glowing inside of a hollow tree limb hanging over the water. I thought I saw something retreat inside the hollow limb and investigated further and found about 7 to 10 small glowing circular masses. It reminded me of a small mushroom head. can you help me identify this. thank you Brian

    • Hi Brian,
      This sounds really interesting and exciting! I cannot find a species that matches your description: small, pin head sized fruiting bodies that glow.

      It could be that you’ve discovered a new species. If you can get a picture of them, I suggest you submit it to, and a scientist may help in identifying it. Another option is to contact a mushroom pro at

      Hope this helps. And do let me know if you can identify it.

  2. Neha, since we have installed a camera in our backyard, we have seen a couple of visiting flying insects that are long with wings and centipede-like legs on them. They glow. We don’t see them during the day, though. This is very interesting to us. I have researched the web for a picture that I could associate it with, to no success. I thought maybe I could share the photos with you. You may be able to help.

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